@victorhrz - Sculpts and works - 3D printing jewelry and figures

Hi! I wanted to introduce myself for a while now. I’ve been in the forum and on discord but never posted any of my works. Now I think is the time :). I’m a nomad user since almost 2 years and I love it. I’m artist/designer based in Valencia, Spain, love creating jewelry and figures and bring them back to reality thanks to 3d printing. Hope you like my stuff.

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How beautiful :laughing: its really cool to see final prints and crafts that come out of digital sculpts i wish you a lot of success and gogo for more works :+1:

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thank you very much! I will post new stuff soon :smile:

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What elegant pieces, bravo!
Do you use Nomad for everything?
I see some nice engraved text vanishing in depth cueing i. e.

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thank you! :slight_smile: Yeah I use Nomad for everything this way I can extract all the juice from it. I love how easy and fast is to start doing something. The engraved text is a bit tricky with jewelry, I’m testing a lot but I think I got the hang of it :sweat_smile:

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These look really nice! How do you get from Nomad to finished metal ring? Very impressive :ok_hand:

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@Krugg66 thank you! :slight_smile: The process is as following, Once the model is finished I send it to Lychee slicer for 3D printing, I use a special resin made for investment casting in this case Powerresins, but there is more like Siraya tech and Bluecast x one. Then I pick the piece and leave it in a foundry so they cast it in sterling silver (i dont have all the equipment at home, very expensive). The last step is hand polishing the pice, sometimes I do it myself depending on the load of work I have. And that would be it. :grinning:


Generally the lost wax process if youre curious works with jewlery and statuettes :smile:
but there is even metal 3d printers nowadays

and services.
Silver, Porcelain and gold plated bras is what I tried so far.
It’s a couple of years ago. Prices were affordable.
A ring in silver was 50€ those days. Pretty sure this has changed.

Have you tried using a Broken-arm caster? Relatively inexpensive and can easily cast silver, gold, etc.

I learned how to cast crowns (teeth) as well as other fun projects in a dental lab school. In fact, if you took to a dental lab they may cast for you for cheaper than a foundry may.

But fun to see the process. Great work :clap:t3:

Nice work. I’ve used zBrush for some years to design jewelry and collectibles and have hoped something sufficient on the iPad would be released, and I think Nomad is it. I love that it’s straight forward, mobile and so far, seems to have all of the tools I need (zBrush is loaded but I use a limited set of features).

I’m still learning Nomad but am curious, are you scaling to size and exporting directly to print from Nomad? I haven’t found the scaling option just yet but suspect there is one.

@knacki @ohgoditsmomos Fortunately here in my city we have many foundrys and is really cheap and fast to cast in any metal. Also I’m going to a jewelry workshop were I can use all the tools. I tried to print directly in stainless steel and is really impresive the details, for this i did it online, there is many online 3d printing services, expensive but fun.
soon will try to do a brass statue, I’ve the model ready many years ago.

@RogerRoger never used one! Noted for the future. :slight_smile: As said above I’m really lucky here and the local foundry is really cheap. Thank you very much!

@InstintivelySavage Hi thank you! I’used Zbrush for many years, and forger but once i discovered Nomad I knew was THE TOOL for creating whatever.
I do all the scaling and measurements in Nomad, I use the ruler frequently and also use cylinders and cubes for reference, never had a problem. :slight_smile:.

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That as great to hear! I don’t use zBrush as much as I used to so Nomad might just do the trick for me too.

I didn’t do the subscription when Maxon acquired Pixologic and don’t plan to since I am doing more hand engraving nowadays than 3d sculpting.

Thanks for the response.

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Maybe helps i think youll find a few scaling vids in youtube if needed :smiley:


Hi Nomaders, here is 2 engagement rings I did for a friend of mine. They wanted to recreate a pirate coin transformed into a ring. Here is the render in Nomad and the photos when polish stage was finished. I did a custom box but when I’m excited I forget to take pictures :upside_down_face:


Very nice work! :star_struck:

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Playing with fire! Test for creating a fast and easy dragon / serpent in Nomad. Trying to mix it up a little with the jewelry stuff.