@victorhrz - Sculpts and works - 3D printing jewelry and figures

Hi! I wanted to introduce myself for a while now. I’ve been in the forum and on discord but never posted any of my works. Now I think is the time :). I’m a nomad user since almost 2 years and I love it. I’m artist/designer based in Valencia, Spain, love creating jewelry and figures and bring them back to reality thanks to 3d printing. Hope you like my stuff.

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How beautiful :laughing: its really cool to see final prints and crafts that come out of digital sculpts i wish you a lot of success and gogo for more works :+1:

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thank you very much! I will post new stuff soon :smile:

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What elegant pieces, bravo!
Do you use Nomad for everything?
I see some nice engraved text vanishing in depth cueing i. e.

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thank you! :slight_smile: Yeah I use Nomad for everything this way I can extract all the juice from it. I love how easy and fast is to start doing something. The engraved text is a bit tricky with jewelry, I’m testing a lot but I think I got the hang of it :sweat_smile:

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These look really nice! How do you get from Nomad to finished metal ring? Very impressive :ok_hand:

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@Krugg66 thank you! :slight_smile: The process is as following, Once the model is finished I send it to Lychee slicer for 3D printing, I use a special resin made for investment casting in this case Powerresins, but there is more like Siraya tech and Bluecast x one. Then I pick the piece and leave it in a foundry so they cast it in sterling silver (i dont have all the equipment at home, very expensive). The last step is hand polishing the pice, sometimes I do it myself depending on the load of work I have. And that would be it. :grinning:


Generally the lost wax process if youre curious works with jewlery and statuettes :smile:
but there is even metal 3d printers nowadays

and services.
Silver, Porcelain and gold plated bras is what I tried so far.
It’s a couple of years ago. Prices were affordable.
A ring in silver was 50€ those days. Pretty sure this has changed.

Have you tried using a Broken-arm caster? Relatively inexpensive and can easily cast silver, gold, etc.

I learned how to cast crowns (teeth) as well as other fun projects in a dental lab school. In fact, if you took to a dental lab they may cast for you for cheaper than a foundry may.

But fun to see the process. Great work :clap:t3:

Nice work. I’ve used zBrush for some years to design jewelry and collectibles and have hoped something sufficient on the iPad would be released, and I think Nomad is it. I love that it’s straight forward, mobile and so far, seems to have all of the tools I need (zBrush is loaded but I use a limited set of features).

I’m still learning Nomad but am curious, are you scaling to size and exporting directly to print from Nomad? I haven’t found the scaling option just yet but suspect there is one.

@knacki @ohgoditsmomos Fortunately here in my city we have many foundrys and is really cheap and fast to cast in any metal. Also I’m going to a jewelry workshop were I can use all the tools. I tried to print directly in stainless steel and is really impresive the details, for this i did it online, there is many online 3d printing services, expensive but fun.
soon will try to do a brass statue, I’ve the model ready many years ago.

@RogerRoger never used one! Noted for the future. :slight_smile: As said above I’m really lucky here and the local foundry is really cheap. Thank you very much!

@InstintivelySavage Hi thank you! I’used Zbrush for many years, and forger but once i discovered Nomad I knew was THE TOOL for creating whatever.
I do all the scaling and measurements in Nomad, I use the ruler frequently and also use cylinders and cubes for reference, never had a problem. :slight_smile:.

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That as great to hear! I don’t use zBrush as much as I used to so Nomad might just do the trick for me too.

I didn’t do the subscription when Maxon acquired Pixologic and don’t plan to since I am doing more hand engraving nowadays than 3d sculpting.

Thanks for the response.

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Maybe helps i think youll find a few scaling vids in youtube if needed :smiley:


Hi Nomaders, here is 2 engagement rings I did for a friend of mine. They wanted to recreate a pirate coin transformed into a ring. Here is the render in Nomad and the photos when polish stage was finished. I did a custom box but when I’m excited I forget to take pictures :upside_down_face:


Very nice work! :star_struck:

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Playing with fire! Test for creating a fast and easy dragon / serpent in Nomad. Trying to mix it up a little with the jewelry stuff.


I finally got some time to finish this little scene I did a while back for a tutorial. See you!


Hey Victor - these rings are incredible. I’m new to Nomad and still learning my way around… Do you have any links to any tutorials on shaping the signet rings? Or would you be willing to make one? It would help me immensely!!

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thanks Stephanie! I’ve plans on making tutorials about this, but you can check @artchagur channel on youtube, he has some great tuts about jewelry with Nomad, I leave you the link here to his channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJgfggLssbYq2hZKa0gL5eg