Vector to sculpt?

Hi, there, I’m new on sculpt, new on nomad. I just signed in to ask some questions here :slight_smile:
First of all, I love this App. I have the possibility to sculpt in a great way, that’s a great feeling!
It looks like this App is new, and I’m just beginning to watch the tutorials so please don’t be cruel if my question seems stupid…

I’m in graphic design and photography, so I’m looking a way to take some creations and export them in a sculpt software (brush, Nomad, or else).
I think the stamp can be useful, even if I have some problems to understand the size and definition, but the stamp seems a good way (alpha).
Is there a way to use vectors in Nomad, for example for text that I’d like to sculpt (for logos, etc.) or do we have to sculpt from scratch.
I would dream of a way to transform some vector in tube, in a “extruding way” like on photoshop if you see what I mean…

Thanks for your help!

you need to import your vector shapes or path as png or jpg.
you can draw a shape with alpha then extract it then change the size of it only on X or y or z (not extrusion) or use triplanar.
For exemple you make a star shape on a vector app then export it as png or jpg to use it like alpha on a plane or with a triplanar. Hope it will help.

Thanks for your suggestion. I will try this and come back to give you my feedback. Merci!

The tube tool in Nomad will probably allow custom profile in the future (by defining a curve).

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Look at my Video: Nomad Sculpt - Fast 2D to 3D Text - Silhouettes - Plans - YouTube

Hi Holger, thanks a lot for your video! It was exactly what I was looking for. Your video is perfect for my beginner level. I will use your way first, and I will check out the other ways then (the tube customization will be interesting, stephomi).
Very happy to explore Nomad this way, very inspiring.
Thanks to this very responsive community, you’re great!