Use hide face group without disabling camera gesture

You can not use one and the same method to move the camera and hide face groups.
I like to only use my fingers to work, so I have all gestures on for finger.
Yet this prevents me from hiding individual face groups, tapping on them in hide mode does nothing.
Is there a way for you to change it so you can still tap on the face groups to hide them even when the camera gesture is active?

In case it is not clear what I mean.
I need to go into the settings, to „Gesture“, The gesture for Camera, is the problem. Whatever is activated in „Camera“ will not be able to „tap to hide“ a face mask to hide them. So, if you use a stylus, you can activate „camera“ for „stylus“ and deactivate it for“finger“.
Now „finger“ does not use the camera gesture and can hide/show the face groups.

I’ve discovered that if you enable “Hidden” under Toolbox in the Interface settings, this will allow you to keep using your finger to navigate the scene and enable you to use tap to hide face groups.

Thank you, this solves it!