Unable to mask face groups?

I’ve probably made a simple mistake somewhere, but I can’t find a way to mask face groups.
I create some face groups, go to mask tool, activate face group option within mask tool, then tap on the face group but nothing happens.
I’ve just been onto the web demo and it works fine: if I tap on a face group while using mask tools it becomes masked.
This doesn’t happen on my version (version1.85 on m1 iPad Pro)
Here’s a screenshot of my gesture settings in case that is causing the problem. Any help appreciated.

Quick clarification: I’m able to use the brush mask to mask specific face groups, but I can’t tap on a specific face group and mask it (neither using mask nor selmask).

After playing around with toolbar hidden/unhidden option, it seems that the tap to mask face groups now works (so long as toolbar is hidden) which I believe is already a known issue.