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Tube - path
Inserting a point always inserts between two points before I tapped.
Win10 Firefox

That’s the only little bug I could found so far.
In tube dialogue there is a division X.
Reducing it will also reduce steps along path.
This makes a smooth 4 or 6 sides tube almost impossible.
Would it be possible to give two options?
Sides and steps or interpolation?
This would give the tube function a extra portion awesomeness.

For lathe there is same “division x”
Sides and interpolation Y as an option would be very cool.

The new voxel remesh works very well and gives great results.

There is a thread about layers already. It’s a bit confusing to me but the experts are on it.

Didn’t check all other cool stuff so fa

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I have not yet understood what the multires rebuild function is for in voxel remesh, I just tried the web demo but it remains unclear for me. If you have tried and understood, can you give a concrete example please? Thank you

It’s simple. Beneath voxel remesh you can define how many subdivisions remeshed object should have. Let’s say three. Now you do your voxel remesh like you used to do, very high to not loose details.
The result will be a high detailed voxel remesh but with three subdivisions to go down - very nice!


I have to admit that I didn’t really understand what the feature would do. Your explanation is perfect :ok_hand:t3: thankyou