Tube tool improvements

It will be nice if we can divide the tube along the length but still be able to go low on the existing x typology. to be able to create smooth curves with small count of sides 3;4;5;6


Ah yes that would be good for wrought iron.

Isn’t linear subdivision enough?

for sure it’s enough and we can do a lot with it. my idea is… if we can change the % of subdivision on the length of the tube it will elevate the power of the tool and it can act as a strap tool. now when using flat subdivision it makes sharp corners on the length and by smoothing it loses the square edges

Agreed, I already tried a bit to insert subdivisions along path and keep Division X on 4 for a square tube. The only chance I found is to insert points manually. A bit tedious and ends in jittered path soon.

On 3Ds Max one defines the sides and the radius for base. With interpolation one defines the tubes subdivisions along the path and for the path as well.

If this is separate and not both in subdivision X, it will offer much more options for a tube with 3-10 sides.