Stippling and weird artifacts from multiresolution remesh

Not sure if this is a bug or just a quirk of the multi resolution remeshing. I’m noticing some strange dimples appearing on the mesh after a few remeshes (I was zoomed in, working on one area, remeshed a few times in the process, and when I zoomed out, I noticed them). I can’t seem to find any commonality in the topology in these spots.

I fixed it before getting a screenshot, but there was also a pretty distinct line along the surface on another part of the mesh, right at the plane of symmetry (if it matters).

(Side note: should remeshing be symmetrical? When I remesh, I’m getting some topology that isn’t symmetrical)

From my tests so far, there are some factors that influences the result drastically.
#1 How dense is the remesh?
#2 How low is lowest subdivision?

The lower the subdivision, the more artefacts are likely to happen to reprojected mesh. Which sounds logical.

It doesn’t look like remesh is necessarily symmetrical.
But you can make local mirror your mesh again, on highest subdiv as you’ll loose subdivisions. After, you can reverse subdivisions. Test always with a backup for sure.

Yeah, mirroring just causes weird polygon issues (overlapping/some flipped faces at the seam). Fixable with the smooth brush, just annoying.

Voxel remesher never had a symmetrical output.

Asking for 2 levels for just a resolution of 200, you should except some issues.
The rebuild multires should be used mostly for high resolution value, for example with +500 it’s a good idea to ask for 2 levels, it’s also going to be faster (make sure to be on 1.45).

I’ll rephrase the tooltip because I suspect most people will be confused, it works that way:
if you ask for 2 with a resolution of 200 it means:

  • the voxel remesher run at 50
  • the mesh is subdivided twice
  • the details are reprojects
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Roger that. Makes sense. Thanks for the clarification!

If you’re starting with a multires mesh, does it just take the details from whatever multires level you currently have selected, or the highest available?

The current level.