Voxel remeshing bug

This is similar to the bug you fixed in 1.35, but it seems like at low resolutions, remeshing multiple times will sometimes lead to … weirdness. Spikes and holes.

Obviously, there isn’t much point in remeshing several times in a row, but it’s happening even when I’m working on one part of a mesh, then resmesh the whole thing to tidy up the part I was working on.

Here’s a video:

/edit: I just noticed that I do have on Rebuild multires (at 2) and I’m remeshing at 407. It just seems weird that remeshing several times with the same settings would cause an issue like this.

my workaround is to do separate after remeshing , so it will put some artifacts on separate layers and you can delete them

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2 levels for just 409 is way too high, I’m not surprised to see glitches.

Hm, alright. Good to know. :slight_smile: