Weird resolution while Rotating


Do you know why the resolution changes while I’m rotating or moving the mesh if the multi resolution is above > 4? How can I avoid them?

These pixel artifacts don’t occur if using voxel remeshing but I need to use multi resolution.

Here are some photo samples.


It’s an optimisation, so that the app is still smooth even with a high poly scene, but you can’t disable it for now.

The threshold is 500k triangles.

I see. I’m not sure how Forger was able to achieve this without optimization using high Multiresolution. Hopefully, Nomad Sculpt improves it in the near future.

In the meanwhile, I’ll use voxel remesh.


There seems to be a misunderstanding.
It’s not a “necessary” optimisation, Nomad could run just fine without it.
It’s mostly useful for lower end device, to save battery, or for high poly scene (+5/10M polys).

It’s also the default behavior in zbrush.
It shouldn’t be much of an issue since the high res always kicks in when you don’t move or sculpt.

The threshold value will be customized on next release.


Thanks, that’s great to know. Looking forward to that update.