Confusion regarding remeshing

Hi, I have some questions regarding remeshing, answers to which I am not finding in the manual. LOVE the app overall by the way, having tons of fun with it. Thank you for it and for the updates you 've put in. The subtractive Boolean feature is awesome.

First off, I am confused as to why some objects allow voxel or regular remeshing to a very high resolution, over 2000, whereas others cap out at less than 300 resolution. Sometimes, the remeshing values are tiny, decimal points in fact, 0.1-2.5 range for example (usually if I’ve started with a very low poly base mesh, but the number scheme applies to other objects in the scene even if high poly). What determines the max remesh resolution?

Thanks to Glen Southern for tipping me into the fact that you can sometimes increase the allowed remeshing resolution by turning up the max detail setting under the display menu which seems like a really odd place for a setting that effects remesh resolution (no offense). I would not have thought to look there, and Glen said someone had to show him the same thing. Is there a way to make that setting more findable?

The slider setting for max number of faces doesn’t seem to do anything as far as I can tell. How is it supposed to function and why would one want to set it?

If I have an object with a high resolution, say 5 or 6 million faces and want to remesh it to, say 2 million, what do I do if the max voxel or regular remesh is, say 250 or so (~400k faces) and increasing the max detail doesn’t change that (much of the time it does, but not always)? Is there some other way to increase the allowed remesh resolution to say 350 or more for example.

Even if I have a high res painted layer, remeshing to a lower resolution oftentimes creates glitches in the paint - white lines around higher detail areas or areas painted other colors than the base material that then need to have to be painted over again. Any way to avoid that?


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In the current version the displayed value doesn’t make much sense, it will change on the next release.

increasing the max detail doesn’t change that (much of the time it does, but not always)?

If you are talking about the slider “Max detail range” in the Settings menu, it simply raise the maximum value of the resolution slider.

Nope, keep layers when using a voxel remeshing is probably not something that you’ll see in other sculpting apps. So layers will always loose quality on each remeshing.
I do plan on improving the voxel remesher itself with reprojection but it will mostly benefit the main vertex position, not the rest.

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Thanks for answering so quickly, wow I’m impressed. Yes I was talking about the max detail slider in the settings menu. I’m glad that I found that it will change the max value of the resolution slider in the mesh menu. I’m still hoping for answers to the other questions about resolution values. Any additional info I can get you to help with those?