University Dissertation

I am at university studying game design and concept art. I want to write my dissertation based on Nomad Sculpt. But i cannot find any literature for my proposal. No journals, manuals anything. Does anyone have any ideas, please. It would help a lot. Thanks in advance.

Not 100% sure what you are looking for but you are aware the nomad manual is here right?

Thanks for your reply. But I am after articles, discussions, academic journals etc.


Aaaaarong showed you the manual!
Students got to learn search machines first. Good luck :crossed_fingers:

The place for discussions would be this forum / discord & Facebook group(s)
What is the main driver / purpose of your dissertation?

I know about the manual thanks. It’s for a dissertation. Where you create a discussion and prove certain points. This is at BA(Hons) level.
Thanks for your reply

Thanks for your reply, I was thinking about the use of a mobile sculpting app, integrating it into a professional pipeline of a games digital artist. And whether the software would be accepted by major companies in replacement to Zbrush, 3D Coat. Be aware this is just an example of an argument for a dissertation , there will be no action taken from my results.

So a direct comparison of Nomad against PC based sculpt apps? Doesn’t sound like there’ll be much meat for discussion in a dissertation though. Of course professionals use Nomad in place of ZBrush, but many more years of development have gone into ZBrush and the vast array of tools is obviously going to dominate Nomad. BUT the base toolset of ZBrush is already contained within Nomad and the UI has been designed from the ground up, a stark contrast to the baffling ZBrush interface which is a product of years of adding a series of modular tools and features.

Thanks for your input, I am changing my subject due to a lack of literature to review and refer to. I think I will cover the area of face modelling and whether the metahuman program has made Maya zbrush tools redundant

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