Unable to import obj files correctly

I have been creating figure models on pc, then exporting as an obj file to use in Nomad. This has been working great up until today. I started a new project yesterday, but had to put the iPad aside before I could save. When I opened today, the project I was working on had disappeared. Nomad won’t recognize any obj file when I try to import from the app. When I try to go directly to the file and use the “open in” option, It shows as a weird section of a sphere in the app. I am not sure what to do at this point. I re-downloaded the app, tried brand new obj files in case the file had been corrupted (didn’t work), but I’m at a loss.

Has anyone else experienced this or have any ideas?

Use glb instead.
The previous obj loader has an issue that I fixed, but I introduced another bug in the process. It should be fixed on the next version.

It has nothing to do with obj? Nomad doesn’t use obj internally.
Just save your project regularly.
Projects just don’t disappear like that, either you never saved it or it fails to load.