OBJ export reduces file size after transfer to PC

I export as obj, so far so good. Works just fine when I re-import the exported .obj to nomad.

Then I plug in a USB stick to transfer to pc, When I open the obj in pc it does not open and says the file is corrupted. This happens in windows 3d viewer, zbrush, blender.

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I am finding this same behavior when trying to take a Nomad exported obj file via USB stick to Windows 10 Pro

I am also curious as the file two files?

on my iPad Pro side I do not see the “.obj” extension (possibly hidden by iPadOS?).

here is a snap of the error dialogue.

also I am exporting with the Export colors unchecked

if needed I can supply the file.



I think this is user error on my part.

I found that if I tried to export before saving the nomad scene this error would come up.
If I saved beforehand, then exported this file would be fine on transfer and opened fine in ZBrush.

I could test further but I don’t think this is an issue other than needing to save before export.

hope this helps.

Thanks a lot

Saving the file shouldn’t change anything.

If you have a way to reproduce the issue I’m interested but for now I can’t tell if the issue lies with Nomad or somewhere else.

iOS hides the extension which is a bit annoying.

I will try to replicate the issue again in my next work. I will send you the possibly corrupted file if I have the problem again.But yes, I suspect the problem might be on apple’s side.

Lovely app by the way, definitely my favourite and great learning curve!

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