Unable to add Nomad to my MacBook M1 - Posiblee

I’ve of course purchased the app, and am able to run it on my iPad.
Would like to have it on my MacBbook as well. It is an M1.
When I go to the app store Nomad is not showing up under my account. Nor will it show up when I do a search with iphone/ipad filter selected.
Any direction appreciated.

iPad/IPhone and Android devices only. Not on desktop.

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Unfortunately the dev specified a while ago that he hasn’t released a version compatible MacOS or pc at the moment due to hood inability to get it to work with Wacom tablets. However I’ve read somewhere that you can run it on an android emulator but you’d have to purchase the app for android and give it a shot.

Yeah that’s the whole point of nomad a sculpting app u could use w/o being tied to desktop
U can used blender on ur Mac
My iPad has M1 but it was specifically for iPad
U have to read more :joy::joy::joy::joy::call_me_hand: