Turntable distorts whole project

Bug report: turntable distorts whole project during and after selecting turntable, dome is created and then turns whole project into a dome. See before and after images in gallery link( i could only attach one image in forum as a new user): Album — Postimages

You should now be able to post images.

I don’t get the images, what do you mean by distort?
If there’s a big surrounding sphere, maybe it should be set with backface culling.

Wasn’t notified of your reply, the whole project becomes unusable after initiating the turntable, that’s what the images are about, the whole projects mesh becomes a dome and becomes uneditable.

The “dome” was already there.
Turntable only rotates the camera, but first it zooms out.

If the model has a big dome over it, of course you’ll only see it (you need zoom in again).

I zoomed in before today, still nothing showed, zoomed in a lot more just now looking for the model, it then showed up and of course it’s not my model file so I didn’t know how it was made. There shouldn’t be an issue now.

Just set the “dome” to invisible!?

Common trick for big doom is to turn two sided off.

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ok i’ll try that, thanks