Project is blurry/has white dots in turntable

I am new to Nomad Sculpt and this is my first project. I don’t know what happened where but when I rotate the sculpture or open the turntable some kind of white dots appear. I tried closing or changing some setting I did so that it might turn back to normal but nothing seems to make these dots disappear. I will be very happy if someone can help

Do you have Post Processing on? If so, what settings? I get them when I have Global Illumination (ssgi) turned on.

Thank you so much! I turned of Global Illumination and it was gone but there’s another problem with the shadows. Any idea about that maybe? It becomes square only in turntable mode.

That’s the limitations of nomad’s realtime renderer; its designed for high quality stills, not for animation.

Oh okay thank you so much :slight_smile: