Project Tool

Hey! I believe I have found another bug.

The project tool is some times pushing the geometry towards the outside instead of the inside. I’ve managed find the scenario where it always happens:

While experimenting the same thing with Split a similar thing happens but I couldn’t repeat the same result everytime. I literally did the same operation 5 times and once it had issues and then it was fine.

I hope this helps

Actually ZBrush has the same behavior (clip tool, see at 4:28

That being said, it’s not something I wanted to mimick at all, it’s simply that the points are projected to the nearest ellipse surface which happens to the points on the ellipse that are on the background.

Anyway, I might have a fix possible for the next release. But I’ll have to experiment first to see if it really works out.

Oh I see, I haven’t used Zbrush in a while so I wasn’t aware it also happened there.
Well I am glad I understand it better now and I know how to avoid it.

Thanks Steph!