Tube Topology - dewision X=2 ore 1

Hallo! Nomad bring my dream to life.
Now I can sculpt anywhere! Thanks a lot For great app!
On IOS we have a Kozy Blanket for retopo.
That’s great app for retopo.
And I know about Zremesher too :slight_smile: on PC.
On Android we have Spacedraw for normal polygonal modeling. Sometimes I use it for “Retopology”.
But the max polygons count on model in Spacedraw is 40 000.
I cannot import obj from Nomad, inside Spacedraw because we have big poly count when sculpture is detaled. Can I ask to create some staff for retopo in Nomad.
My way:
I made HighPoly sculpt, then I use Tube tool with devision X 3 to Mark a New topology.
Then I export only tubes in obj and import that model in Spacedraw for create New polygons/topology for lowpoly model…
It’s slower then on PC but in is on mobile.
Can I ask about modification option tube tool?
I need loWer devision X, about two or one.
Is it posible?
… Also, this tool can be used to create hair. But it’s a hard road.

Step1 IMG_vgmxgd
Export only tube mesh in .obj and go inside Spacedraw.
I’m creating a new polygon mesh using the Tube as guides.

Here is the result.

Inside Nomad.


Can’t you use the “Decimate” function in Nomad?

Not possible for now.
2 is basically a planar mesh, and 1 is a line so it would need special care.

But I’ll work again on tube at some point (to allow custom profile), I’ might allow division 2 (probably not 1).

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Thanks for the answer!
Sometimes I also use the decimate method. In Nomad, I use a mask to mark up the new topology. I blur the borders of the mask. After I use decimate. Next, I export the file to obj, and import it into Spacedraw. But. At the end, the model still has a lot of weight, a lot of points, and Spacedraw takes a very long time to open the final file, sometimes it freezes. Of course this is a Spacedraw problem. This is a very old android program, but the best for me. For Lowpoly/Midpoly models of course. Practice has shown that the method using the Tube tool works faster. there is a Snap to model function, and also the work takes place in Nomad with HighPoly sculpture. You immediately get the desired topology.
Here is an animation of the process of working with the decimate function.