Triplanar Primitive

I’m trying to understand Triplanar primitive… I think it’s promising, and I don’t know if it’s used in other apps or not. Mu last digital sculpture before Nomad was almost a decade ago…

What I was wondering is; should the mask in one plane update itself to follow the changes we made in another plane? I’m having a hard time anticipating my choices when the silhouette in the plane no longer follows what is happening in the geometry…

Am I missing something here?

It shouldn’t.

It’s the ZBrush “ShadowBox”.
It’s probably not the most useful feature, but I would say the main advantage in Nomad is that it can let you shape with arbitrary topology, which wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

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I love that. Had lots of fun creating shapes today.

I still feel the mask (or shadow, as the name in zbrush says) should follow the geometry. It makes sense to me that If I change front and side, the mask on the ground should follow the chances. It would make it much easier to think about what needs to be done.

Of course that might just mean I still don’t understand the tool completely, haha!

Thanks Stephomi! I will study it more!