Triplanar mask issue

Hello, i don´t know if this is a bug, but yesterday i suddenly started to have this erratic masking
problem when using triplanar objects. I tried it on my main project, on a new project, i updated the app, the ipad and reinstalled it but it keeps happening. Sometimes when i close and open Nomad it works fine for a moment but keps happening (It happens faster if i scale the triplanar object) It happens with simmetry on, off, i checked the shorcuts, reseted the tool but keeps happening. I is not a pencil issue because it works fine in every other tool or app.


Likely a bug in Nomad due to the new Pencil hovering added in the latest iOS version.

In this case, it started before I’ve updated Nomad and iOS, I just wanted you to know that in case it helps.


But was pencil hovering supported back then?

I think it wasn´t, im using a 2nd gen iPad pro with 1st gen pencil, that configuration doesn´t support hovering, and it wasnt updated, it was running an older iPadOS 15.something version. Anyway, after updating nothing changed.

I came across the same issue on iOS 15.5 and nomad v1.68 (ipad pro 11 2018 +apple pencil gen 2). Hoover is non supported on my device. Before nomad update i didnt have this problem. This behaviour is triggeret by using mask in triplanar creation, after that every single tool is behaving this way. Restart helps.

Hello, yeah, yesterday i updated Nomad again and it keeps happening. I forgot to mention that, after using the mask in triplanar every tool behaves that way until i restart.

Are you on 1.70?

yes, version 1.70

After uptade i have the same issue yes. I’m on v. 1.7

Try to give more information, I can’t replicate on my end.
Exact instruction from the start ideally.

Edit: There is a bug related to triplanar + symmetry masking, but I don’t think it’s related

had to split the video in 2. At first it´s working fine, the second triplanar starts to do random stuff and after thar all the tools do random stuff until i restart the app.

After updating ipad os to 16 and getting newest nomad everything work fine with 3 planar and mask