Issues with Triplanar after 1.78 update-PLEASE HELP

Hey guys!

Unfortunately I’m experiencing issues with the primitive Triplaner since the new update 1.78

Another user displayed the way I used to use the primitive before:
(Look at the screenshot in the reply section pls)

This used to be the way I was using the Triplanar primitive… unfortunately after the update I’m not able to single out the mesh anymore…

As seen in the following picture the mesh is stuck to the Triplanar wall. It doesn’t matter from which side I apply the Mask/Alpha

This used to not happen once you apply your alpha to the back part of the primitive.

Am I missing something or do I need to change something in the settings?

I want to go back to the option of manipulating the Primitive with the editing tool. Unfortunately once I try to move the Triplanar (for example shorten a wall or expand it) the mesh will not follow as it used to….?

( I realize that I have the option to use Selmask and choose the thickness from the side… but that’s not how it used to work :sleepy:)

Does anyone have answers?

I would appreciate it so much…

How do I go back to this?

Go back to what?
I don’t understand your issue, make sure to correctly mask right and bottom plane as well.