Triplanes masking issues - can’t use alpha or draw - 1.88

Seems like the triplaner isn’t working correctly or I might be overlooking something with the newest update. I’m trying to use it for custom shapes I made with alphas and it won’t let add it by locking the radius. After attempting the lock radius I tried switching back to draw with the mask and I can longer draw anything on it. Please let me know if I’m missing activating something new or if this a bug.
Thank you

It works when I start but if I click off of it or add more geometry to the triplaner then its stops letting me draw. Also I’m having selection issues now. Whatever object I was on stay selected even if I click other objects or select smooth and click other objects to try and add them to the selection. Now I either have to click the select tool and lasso or select the shape in the scene hierarchy. Have no idea why because things were working perfect he other day.

Just providing more info

You are holding smooth or using a keyboard shortcut?

Other than that I don’t understand your other issue, it works fine when I try it.
Maybe record a video with the iPad.

Here’s two videos showing that I can’t paint or use the mask feature or select objects without switching to the select tool. The triplaner let me use the select mask with an also but other than that I’ve lost complete control with it and now selecting objects has become a pain. I’m not sure if I’ve accidentally selected something new but I can’t really sculpt now because of these issues. Hope this helps

A Triplaner and selection issue.nom (2.1 MB)

Also providing the file used. I still get this issue in all older files and any new files I create.

Update. I restarted the device entirely and the issue is solved. Must have been a glitch on my end

Ugh it just happened again after a few minutes. I thought the restart fixed it but I’m back to the same issue.

The bug is with two sided, enable it in settings (or material menu).