Trackpad can’t manipulate the gizmo (1.66)

Mousing over the gizmo controls highlights them, but dragging just moves the view.

What kind of trackpad exactly?
MacBook one works fine with me.

Same here - the trackpad on the Magic Keyboard (iPad)… seems to only rotate camera.

That’s because you set “sculpt only with stylus” in the gesture menu.

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Ah, that makes sense as to why. Thanks!

Any thoughts on changing the behavior?

Some options:

  1. Don’t highlight the gizmo axes on mouseover
  2. Allow gizmo moves with a mouse/trackpad even with “sculpt only with stylus” on (gizmo doesn’t really feel like “sculpting”, if that makes sense)
  3. Classify mouse/trackpad as a separate input type (if possible?)

It seems like the goal of “sculpt only with stylus” is generally to avoid accidentally sculpting when trying to move the camera with your fingers. That seems less likely with a mouse/trackpad.

There’s already a topic about this issue, Stylus sculpt only
Also on twitter

I need to check but I cannot differentiate trackpad from finger input.

Edit: Nope iOS doesn’t let me differentiate touch from trackpad

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