The Multiresolution

Hi everybody…
I’v a qeustion, What is the role or the benefit of the Multiresolution in Nomad Sculpt? is as like the Multiresolution in Blender to make a full model details with low poly by some technique?( ex for game purpose )

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Yes, like for animation etc.
Multiresolution let you easier control your mesh in low res and move all high poly details.

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Thanks a lot Bro .
Just that without any processing for move the detailes ino map to keep the base nesh as low poly !!

Some more reasons:
UV mapping - if you want a decent UV map, you Do not want a high res map to assign it. It’s terrible amount of work with bad results.

Cleaner mesh-
Multiresolution is quad mesh only, which deforms more clean than tris

Disadvantage: if you have a very low res base mesh, you can’t endlessly deform it while sculpting as stretched polys will give bad results as well.

And another disadvantage, with dynamic topology you can go crazy without taking care of anything than your machine limitations.

So it depends what your target is.

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Indeed, I am grateful for your interest and your valuable and useful response. Thank you very much