The economics of Adobe

Dear all, just as a talking point, I I thought some here might possibly appreciate this topic.

I came across it on YouTube,

‘The economics of adobe’

I thought it might be particularly interesting given that… from what I’ve heard over recent years, some ppl are falling out of love with adobe, mentions of them withdrawing certain fonts/making them now ‘paid for’, things like that.

Some ppl I’ve heard also saying adobe products are just a bit convoluted/unclear/crossed-over.

One point I felt, when I was deciding whether to pay for ‘adobe CC was whether I’d shell out for the adobe stock, photo collection, I decided against it in the end as it just seemed kinda stupid what they were asking… something like £10-20/month for access to your fine choice of a whopping 10 digital image downloads to use as assets. I mean seriously…. the web is infinite….

Enter affinity and procreate

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Not sure I understand…

Software companies, as all companies, run out of growth. There is no such thing as unlimited growth. To grow, companies buy out other companies. Art station was bought by Epic. The founder claimed that Artstation was his dream and passion, yet sold out to Epic as did all whom sold to Adobe. AI = Artistic Infidelity.