Saying goodbye to adobe

Hi friends, just to let you know that Affinity is slashing prices even further -50%. So you can switch without a subscription.
You will be able to replace photoshop, illustrator and indesign and really easily even logical shortcut in the main line and basic function. What’s more, you’ll also be able to get them on your ipad and iphone. I’m not a sponsor :frowning: but I like to encourage good initiatives like NomadSculpt whenever I can.


It’s a shame there’s no good iPad competitor to Lightroom. An app that can do local brush edits on raw photos and save changes in a sidecar file like Lightroom. I use Affinity, mostly Designer, but not sure if Canva is that much better than Adobe.

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it’s true that canva isn’t necessarily better, but as long as affinity keeps its cost policy, i.e. no subscription and very competitive prices with regular updates. It’ll stay ahead for me.


I tried affinity hoping for a decent replacement but foudn it very lackluster and unintuitive, hopefully they become better and keep their policies, stopped using it completely.