"The Box" sculpt

Lament Configuration from Hellraiser. 3D sculpt using Nomad on my Samsung tablet.

Created not just as a sculpt test but to experiment with light effects.





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Impressive is how I would describe this app. I want to keep trying to push it, see how far and detailed I can take models and concepts.

This was a test to see if I could mimics lighting effects to create the mood of a piece. Pretty pleased with the results :slight_smile:

Great work and very inspiring. Convince me even more that Nomad is best mobile renderer. Stunning. Thanks for sharing!

Don’t open the boxxxxx!

Thanks, not sure what I’ll try next :slight_smile:

Favourite horror film. :slight_smile:

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Insane dude and yes one of the best horror films of all time! Epic rendition you did clive barker proud

Thanks for that :slight_smile: