Texturing using a UV mapped texture assigned to a imported OBJ file

Hi everyone,

Question, say you have an .OBJ with UV coordinates assigned and a map already defined, could the assigned texture be used to produce a displacement effect within nomad? When the obj is brought in, will voxelization, remove the UV coordinates. I need to import an obj, voxelize to a high degree and use a previously UV assigned “geometric pattern” texture to displace that model. How would I go about doing this with very high definition. The geometric pattern tracks in a very specific way, so using an alpha via a brush may not hold the tracking that I wanted. Thanks!

My experience with playing with importing objs is that it doesn’t seem to remember.

At least not in my experience.

I can’t vouch for Apple (I’m on android myself) … but maybe … if its possible I don’t know, take the obj with the map into procreate and try bringing it in that way


No idea :smiley:

You’d have to ask someone on an apple device if that’s a fix … but in my experience… I’d say no


Voxelising a mesh that has UVs will kill the UVs because the topology is completely reconfigured.

Thanks for your input!

You can’t remesh a UV mapped object without losing the UVs but you can use Multiresolution and add subdivision levels. This would allow you to use the alpha texture to deform the mesh. It’s not an easy thing to match the texture however.
In this case I would go to Blender and subdivide the mesh, add the alpha as a displacement map and deform the hi-res mesh.