Uv map question

Hi all

I just had a thought and wondered what the group thought of this scenario. It may be a bit daft, but my brain just caught on this ‘problem’ and it just made me wonder

In nomad, I make a model, i decimate it, uv unwrap and export as an obj.

I take said obj into whatever 3d software (maya would be my weapon of choice) and in there export the uvs out as seperate images

I then use whatever art software to paint the uv images

Finally, with the obj and all other files in the same folder, bring the obj back into nomad

So, the question, would the externally painted uvs come back into nomad?

I may not have explained that very well. But in my head, if i can export objs and uvs out … then i should possibly be able to edit and bring back in

Any thoughts anyone? Or has anyone tried it ?


I think this is possible. Maybe you can extrapolate from this:

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Cheers for that.

Taking it out and bringing it back is clearly possible

Editing it further is something im going to have to test. Unless someone already has :slight_smile:

Okay, I fooled around with painting textures externally (images, not vertex paint) and it would appear you need a program that links the .obj to the texture during its export process. I don’t exactly know how .obj works or how nomad reads it but I was texturing a bunch of planes and that’s what I came up with. I made a video about it here:

Skip to 14:35 to see just the important part.