Template downloads

I was just wondering if there is a place where I could download model templates. I wouldn’t want to copy someone else’s work, but it would be nice if there was a generalized human model so that way I didn’t have to build the whole thing from scratch, I could just edit the already existing shape to fit my needs.

Checkout any of the major mesh suppliers, such as artstation, cgtrader turbo squid (often free), gum road, polycount. They all have human basemesh available - this is aa quick list from google.


Awesome. Thanks

Hi Bezzo,

Which file types would you be looking at the import into the Nomad app?



Obj is probably the most common file format but if you can find GLB or GLTF files or even PLY then they bring vertex colour info into Nomad. There are plenty of options for file conversion outside of Nomad, such as Blender and MeshLab which are both free.