New import formats?

I’ve seen several guides for making hard surface objects, so it seems like there’s interest in that sort of thing. Using Shapr3D (cool but very different), a trick I learned for getting component models was installing the McMaster-Carr app and importing models of items (for anyone that doesn’t know, they sell tons of hardware, gears, pipe, fittings, bearings, etc.) from there.

Unfortunately, their models aren’t offered in a format Nomad can import. I suspect some users would find value in being able to import one of these formats if it’s not a huge pain:

These are CAD format, so not really suited to Nomad since Nomad only supports polygons.

CAD format can be converted to polygonal format but it’s not something that I’ll do.

Roger that. I can import to Shapr3D and export to OBJ. I was just wondering if conversion was something trivial to implement for those without Shapr (it’s not an inexpensive tool).