Symmetry plane bug

I have downloaded the latest update and when using the symmetry world plane, I click the setting to show it but doesn’t display it. But when I zoom out it shows the plane really large and I can’t move it only change the xyz positions.

I just noticed the model was higher up away from the origin when you start a new scene. So I retried showing the world plan and it was near the plane. So I moved the model down and it displays the normal size. I guess having the model higher up away from the origin of the scene, it messes up the 3D plane to show symmetry In world modeI am using ?

This is minor but I thought I should report it here.
iPad Pro 10.5” 2017 model

Hmm I think a quick video or screenshots could help me understand the issue.

When I opened the skull, it appeared above the origin point. I just tried it with a sphere and everything is working fine?

It’s working as expecting.
World means the symmetry plane is fixed and won’t move, no matter where the object is.

The symmetry plane is infinite though, so symmetry should still work in your case (if the skull is only vertically translated).

Note that “show line” has a bug and doesn’t work in this release.

I initially thought my show line didn’t work in the previous release either. When I make the model just slightly greyer, it shows up just fine even in this release.

Back then it was making the final pixel brighter, but now it only makes the “mesh painting brighter”.
Since the default color is white you can’t see the difference.

It’s going to be fixed, bright color will be darkened and dark color will be brighter so it will always be visible.