Show Plane ON / OFF not working

Switching on / off at symmetry / PLANE sometimes does not work. Version 1.58

I didn’t do anything special, just some mirroring on the X-Plane - then turning it off didn’t work.

The revised Gizmo is great !
The Symmetry Planes are also top !

Thanks for the great update.

Pivot Edit Mode - the rotation rings are gone.

suddenly they were gone.

I already explained to you on the other topic!!
That’s because you are in world mode (“local” icon is disabled, which means the gizmo rotation widgets is fixed).

It only shows the active plane.

It only shows the active plane.
YES but: The CHECKBOX for SHOW PLANE is set to OFF - the PLANE is still visible.

local icon is disabled.
Then LOKAL sometimes switches itself off. I did not deactivate the switch myself during this test.

That’s because you enabled “gizmo edit”

Probably double tap with pencil? Or you saved the gizmo tool with local as off?

Before I bug you next time, I’ll definitely check the LOCAL setting :blush:.
Pencil double Tap is off in the main settings.

I consciously do not deactivate the LOCAL button myself.

Did you read that about the app crash ?
Add Primitive - Open Painting Menu → Crash