Symmetry not working

I have iPad Pro 10.5” 2017 model, iPad OS 14.2.

When I duplicate a sphere the symmetry no longer works? If I don’t duplicate an object it works fine.

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I will need a video or screenshots to understand the issue.

In the symmetry menu, make sure to select “show 3d plane” to understand what’s going on.

Ok thanks! That worked, but I thought you could use symmetry anywhere on the screen?

Hmm what do you mean by that?

The only option that you should probably use are “Local” vs “World”, depending on what you are doing.
The “show 3d plane” doesn’t do anything except showing the plane to help you understand better what you are changing.

Maybe this video could help

Yes that is what I meant, I thought everything was local , I didn’t know there was a world vs local setting. Thanks for solving my problem.:+1:

I am new to Nomad, but I have used Zbrush and Mudbox in the past, so I am not new too digital sculpting!:grin: