Surface noise like zbrush?

would it be possible to add a surface noise function like in zbrush? It allows to apply a pattern uniformly on the surface of the object but only thanks to adjustments so we do not draw on it we do not stretch an alpha or anything. just we apply the pattern wherever it is not masked uniformly with some parameters like intensity z the number of repetitions. the advantage is better control for fabric surfaces with a pattern for example. or a surface with lots of curves on which you want to add miniature holes uniformly.


This would require uv´s. That´s the way it works in zbrush. Other option is projection but that doesn´t work on curved surfaces.

No uvs needed it’s procedural geometry with 3D is checked but with UV the result will be better but 3d projection like zbrush maybe enough for now

Surface noise has 3d noise that´t uniform and doesn´t need uv´s. But if more specific pattern is needed then options are planar projection or UV´s. Even in zbrush you´ll usually need to go into different app to create these uv´s since zbrushes uv options are bit limited.

where it would take an algorithm like in substance which is able to do this function without uvs too but if the memories are good it allowed to do it without deformation

Well even Substance is based on uv´s. There isn´t this such a magical algorithm thing that would allow to do that. Triplanar mapping is only thing that comes to my mind. But that has it´s weaknesses too. Really depends on the pattern you´ll want to project on top of the model.

Triplanar i think is that feature

Quick UVs in 3Ds Max are done by projections. Sphere, cube, cylinder, planar.


Yeah, triplanar mapping. With masking? Welcomed feature.

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En fait c’est ce tutoriel posté je crois par @Alex qui m’a rappeler cette fonction. On le voit sur la vidéo quand il ajoute les espèces de points sur les bras.

In fact it is this tutorial posted I believe by @Alex which reminded me of this function. We see it on the video when he adds the species of points on the arms.
and yes the goal would be to combine with the masks