Smooth, polish whole of 3d object on one time

hello, is it already possible to smooth or polish the whole of a 3d object at once like in zbrush? thank you

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Not yet but it’s something that I’ll do at some point.


thank you for the answer. your application is like a dream and i feel that there are still thousands of surprises to come. thank you and courage for the future

They implement surface smooth, sharpen, and polish as mesh filters in Blender. It works pretty well.

i not try in blender because i don’t know but in zbrush the section deformation with polish smooth etc works fine. This is really something essential, I give an everyday example, often when I do a voxel remesh or a global to keep the details hidden I have to spend time polishing the areas where the mesh is too low and is seen too much, sometimes it is the opposite the resolution is too high and I must also make sure to polish with smooth, it is long whereas if we had a small tool to polish the entire surface (taking into account the masks of course) it would be super fast and more homogeneous.