Project brush

Wondering if it would be possible in the future to add a brush like the zproject brush from zbrush. It allows you to project the surface of an object onto another object. For instance if I placed a cube primitive into an intersecting position with a sphere primitive and then used the brush on the cube the part of the cube that I drew on would take on the spheres surface shape but the parts I didn’t draw on would stay cube shaped. It’s really good for merging two parts that you want to blend together visually but that you intend to stay separate pieces say for 3d printing moving parts.

Thanks as always for this amazing app.

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At some point I had plans for something based on “collision”, like zbrush matchMaker or blender shrinkWrap.

But honestly for now that’s too early, as there are lot of things that I’d like to address first.
Maybe in the future!