Subject not visible

Hello, It seems the subject I’ve been working on is not visible, I can’t export it and nothing seems to work. Is there any solution for this issue? Thank you

I don’t understand your issue, please be more precise on what’s not working.

Nothing seems to work is super vague.
Can’t export it doesn’t say what’s going (button not working, file not re-opening?).
What’s your device? iOS? Android?

The subject i’m working on dissappeared. All the layers are there and seem to work but its not visible. The buttons work but the export fails, when I open the OBJ is like some sort of a weird box, and png and such is just blank. My device is iOS, iPad air 5. If i reopen the file its stays the same way, even if I close the app and restart the ipad.

El El vie, 12 de abr. de 2024 a la(s) 02:19, Stéphane Ginier via Nomad Sculpt <> escribió:

Please make a video, or at least screenshots, I don’t understand what’s the issue.