Smooth while in landscape mode on iPhone

Sometimes I like using nomad in Landscape mode but the one thing that really bothers me is sometimes I want to use the smooth gesture that’s on the left where you can just hold the button and it enables smooth mode and I have to keep rotating my phone to get to it. I think the symmetry button can be replaced by the smooth button. Is there even a way to get it over there in landscape mode?

Your screen is too small.

Nomad is best used on tablet, not phone.


You can go into display settings and reduce the size of the UI; it would make it fit onto the screen to access everything easier, but would be very hard to see as you could imagine. If you’re using Nomad Sculpt on your iPhone, best to also use a compatible stylus for it (obv app pencil not work) - but as Stephane said, it is better to use it on a tablet. Maybe use screen cast and cast your iPhone to a larger screen, it’ll be the same resolution but if you reduced Nomad’s UI scale, it might be easier to at least read. Throwing out a dog bone. Your phone might generate a lot of heat also, take it out of its case if it’s in one to help ease the chemical ageing of the battery’s lithium cells by keeping it cooler.

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currently have my UI on the smallest scale right now haha but it’s not that difficult to read because the iPhone XR screen is not that small. And thanks for all the tips, looking to invest in a stylus soon.

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Ahh I see.

If you invest in a stylus I suggest the Adonit Jot Pro. All others I’ve tried are trash.

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The XR! My favourite handset of all time, that was a beaut. Handed mine over to family member in need of a new phone after contract had finished, miss it though. Keep it alive! Great handset! Glad we found a work around to your problem, take care & good luck with your 3d art.

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Did some research and watched some reviews. That’s definietly the one i’ll be getting :relieved: