Smooth out seam between two objects?

Is there any way to move vertices of one object towards the surface of another and in doing so having the seam between the two disappear visually due to the overlapping area having a similar enough tangent?

Like moving the “tool area” vertices of object a along their normals (or screenspace depth perhaps) and do a ray/triangle intersection with object b.

Use case being my tablet sucks and so I’d like to have for example eyelids as a higher poly separate object than the rest of the head, without having to resort to dynamic topology.

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Not really possible but one hack is to merge the mesh (simple, not voxel) then use flatten tool. It will align vertices along the average plane.
Not sure it will work in your scenario.

You can see an example at 9 min here 5 Forbidden CG Hacks You Shouldn’t Use (but REALLY works) - YouTube

Like this

Not possible at all to my knowledge. No matter which software. But maybe I am wrong.

Simple merge + flatten is close enough to what I want. Cheers!