Is it possible to merge shapes in the app? I do not know English well, I can not find where it is indicated. It's just that without combining it doesn't come out very nicely at the junctions.

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And if you work on the phone? I found a function, but I can not remove these lines at the junctions.

You can join 2 or more piece together easily.,there is two way,: join or voxel remesh. I recommand using voxel remesh if you want to create a unique piece. You just select your components and hit voxel button ( play also with the slider to have better result,). When opération is done you can smooth the voxel at the junction of the éléments. I am pretty sure you can fine good advice on YouTube or in the documentation.

And there is still a way with minimal loss of detail. But this is more of a complex trick that bypasses the limitations of the program’s toolkit.
In this video, I’m trying to show what needs to be done to merge objects, changing the topology only on intersecting sections of objects.


That’s very interesting. Thanks for sharing

I’ve just tried this technique out. It works very well. Thank you for sharing it - it takes quite a long time to do, but in some situations it will be very useful!

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Bitte um Hilfe, bei mir gibt es diese Schaltflächen im Menü Szene nicht sieh Bild:

Uploading: 01569C68-D604-4412-8736-3CC21E4C087C.jpeg…

Falls du Voxel merge suchst, daĂź ist jetzt oben im MenĂĽ, draufdrĂĽcken und ein kleines 2. MenĂĽ geht auf und nochmal draufdrĂĽcken auf voxel merge.

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