Smartphone holder - Onshape to nomad

Today I played a lot with oneshape and I got to do what I wanted by following a little tutorial. So I imported everything I had built into nomad and was able to keep the precision of onshape and add the roughness to it like real plastic. It’s not much, but it blows me away.


Great no need for low poly modelling tools in Nomad then :stuck_out_tongue:


No not telling myself that, precisely we want some if or please you can’t even imagine the number of possibilities :slight_smile:

Non ne me dis pas ça, justement on en veut du low poly, siou plaît tu n’imagines même pas le nombre de possibilités :slight_smile:

Low poly modeling? Does it use to reproject high poly mesh? So the model can be use for animation or game??? I want it! :smile:

Maybe but if we have low poly modeling we will have more control for create hard edges or surfaces, extrude face cleanly etc… then with subdivision we can add détails. Reproject need to have UV unwrap for create textures and for now its not planned. the day we have low poly tools, uv and texture management the big names in 3d like zbrush or 3dsmax etc will tremble lol.

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And maybe if I add rigging we could have animation!


Animation are not necessary. Its a sculpt/modeling and painting app

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I would love too :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

Second thought just rigged will do. :thinking: for animation using layer screen record just like waving hand or moving finger can be done.

For more than that? Ee can current device can handle it?

I choose what it is :stuck_out_tongue:


I think Stephomi was being sarcastic when he offered to add animation! :smile:
Personally, I think that would be going too far. There are so many animation possibilities out there right now. Plus, there is a device limit!

If I were Stephomi it would drive me crazy with all these requests to be able to do this or do that! :crazy_face:

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Or I had also perceived the sarcastic side lol. The poor man is still a victim of his success :wink: we have to get him drunk in the long run with our requests.

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