Simple merge after split

I just noticed, that there is different behavior when performing a simple merge after using the split brush.
Just for info: I use split/simple merge for adding edge loops on low poly meshes. The split brush is set to “Do not fill holes” When the split brush is set to “line” the mesh is not closed after simple merge. When I start moving around the new vertices, the mesh rips open. However when the split brush is set to rectangle, mesh is closed after simple merge. No ripping when moving the new vertices.

Is this intentional and is there an explanation for it?

That’s right, I haven’t noticed it yet either. Only when split with the line, the mesh can no longer be connected with simple merge. Whether this is intentional I can not say, but it can also be useful if a split function does not connect the mesh…

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The reconnection of the mesh in the split function with Simple Merge must NEVER be changed in any case !!!

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I agree Holger, it’s very useful when blocking out in low poly and essentially adds a low poly workflow where none is intended. I frequently use this to add loops in the same way that I do in Gravity Sketch (for example)

I totally agree. It’s just that I did expect the same behavior with the split brush being used with the “line” configuration. Of course “simple” merge should always melt vertices that lie on top of each other into a single one.