Show safe frame / custom ratio

Double Edit. Making it more clear what I am after.
Mainly on iPad it is difficult to estimate HD formats, as it is added from invisible area outside screen left and right. Much better would be a crop on top and bottom and a visualisation. To see what will be cropped an optional overlay would help. In this case retina to 16/9 ratio.

A custom ratio input for rendering i.e. square format (for matcaps, Instagram etc.) would be lovely as well. The overlay must be calculated by Nomad, checking device screen ratio and turning it into a 16:9, 4K ratio.

If this is touched, an optional frame and two more tools for composition will lead to better results.
Here an example for perfect golden ratio: :rofl:

Or look here for more serious examples


It looks like the next update might support transparent PNGs for reference images. So you can probably do something like this yourself by creating a custom PNG.

But since there’s only 1 reference image, you’d probably have to chose between reference image or ovelay then.

No, unfortunately not. On iPad, the screen height is taken as reference for any other ratio than 4/3 render.
That means, the invisible area outside screen will be added to achieve 16:9.
An overlay can’t help in this case. That’s why a crop on top and bottom would be cool.
If so, it would be exactly like you said.

Ah I misread that in your first post. Seems I skipped to looking at the perfect human proportions:)

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Up, safe frame or crop région for render would be very helpful. because often in 4K we don’t need empty spaces on the side when rendering a central object and I also wonder if we could not save in ram and processor resources if for example we render an image in 4K but cropped where there is emptiness mr.

That’s it Exactly! I was about to request this in the feature request forum. Composition Guidance will be of tremendous help in Nomad Sculpt. Not sure if Stéphane has comment on this somewhere else. @stephomi this would be really helpful.