Render preview

Hey guys, so I don’t know what it called by, but we all need this thing to show us how our work’s look like, I’m pretty sure it will be clear before we render a work. So I appreciate it, if Stephan add something like that to use


I find it’s just as easy to hit render & check the preview before saving, this is on iPad anyway. Having a render “preview” would take the same amount of time to compute & its not as if the renders take 10 minutes to output.

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For me it’s more about safe frame.
Rendering other ratio than iPad 4:3 is no real fun in Nomad!
With 16:9 ratio Nomad renders parts outside of screen.
This is uncool.
So anything else than 4:3 is try & error.

I would love to see a camera mode.
A rectangle for safe frame is shown with two operation modes:

Tap & drag on corner point will show you actual pixel resolution.
For dragging, a snap to most common ratios like 16:9, 4K, 1:1, 4:5 can be activated.

When tapping on corner point a preset menu is opening.
There you can define ratio and resolution presets or enter your custom resolution. If you choose 1080 and enter 3840px after in custom numeric pixel menu with lock symbol active, resolution will change from 1920x1080px to 3840x2160px WITHOUT changing the safe frame rectangle!

This is very important!
Safe frame will never go outside preview screen. If I want to render in 4K, the safe frame rectangle will stay inside iPad screen, just cut upper and lower part.
One still can move rectangle to define area to be rendered in 4K. Even a smaller detail of screen if one want to.

King class: rectangle symbol can be changed to rule of third or golden ratio graphic.

All this information will be stored with camera for later recall.
After, one can render and it can take as long as necessary.

This would make rendering in all kind of ratio so much more easy, fun and predicable.


Totally agree. Safe frame is something that can be seen in pretty much every rendering software. Makes total sense that this should be added to “complete” the camera tools within Nomad. :+1:t2:

If something do like your pic it’ll be great. We need to tell Stephan about that.( sorry for my English)

Don’t do that. I read every posts but I don’t necessarily comment on them.

Also features take time and there’s no reason why this one should have higher priority than other (it won’t).

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Whenever possible. As it is about the output composition quality, it will advertise for Nomad with even better composed renderings I am quite sure.

One more thing: when leaving camera mode, the view could zoom to max width in landscape mode or max height in portrait mode.

All this could be even made easier.
In camera mode you can drag one clip line from top and the opposite is moved mirrored from bottom to change from 4:3 to 16:9 in example.
All this with snapping for all formats needed.
After, define your wanted resolution for one side with ratio lock option, the other side is automatically adjusted correctly.

Not that fancy but does the trick.

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I am missing this that often. :santa: