Shape: improve polygon shape to mix smooth and hard edges

@stephomi sorry to ask you that but I did not understand this function, can you give us an example?

I take this post to share one thing that I can not adjust and that I noticed even more with the new tube tool, I tested by presenting a tentacle merged with a sphere if the resolution is too high then the tentacle is not softened but the stops are very pronounced if I decrease the resolution of the voxel remesh (about 140) then the tentacle is very smooth with a correct mesh but the point disappears or even sometimes a small piece this detaches. I tried with the other primitives and there is the same problem with the rounded primitives, regarding the tips with the primitives I found a workaround but it is not very practical. You take a cone that you want to merge with something else, first I validate the cone I protect all the cone except the tip and I do a global remesh with protection of the masked area and at high resolution, the tip stays in place then I merge with a sphere for example and I decrease the resolution and I protect the tip. and I have my very pointed fused object. Maybe I’m doing it wrong but I notice that nomad has trouble with hard edges.

Use the lathe tool with the polygon tool.
Simply tap on a point to make it sharp (sharp dot are black).

Sharp points is not really meant to be used with the tube tool though, it won’t act very well.

For you other issue, you could have shorten your feature explanation by just saying “ voxel remesher doesn’t keep hard edges”.
Dynamic remesher will keep hard edge if only use the “subdivision” mode.
Otherwise for now the only way is to use Masking, Pinch or Trim is the only way to have hard edges.

this is a bad interpretation on my part sorry, I thought we were talking about the modeling of hard edges and therefore the possibility of adding or reducing edges in low poly mode lol. I went too far

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