Rotating object by a exact degree

Hi there, is it’s possible to rotate an object by a fixed degree.
For instance I need to rotate a plane at 45 degree angle along an axis currently cant find how to do it precisely?

You can use the slider on the left when you select the gizmo.

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It would be nice if while using the gizmo on screen we could constrain to 22.5, or at least 45 deg increments using multi-touch. Many apps have it so if you use the Apple Pencil and a finger or two from your other hand pressed on the screen to rotate you get rotations to snap to those angles.

Maybe this is already in Nomad though and I haven’t figured it out?

When using the Gizmo, there is a slider in the top-left. This can be set from 1-90 in single degree increments. This means you could rotate it every X degrees as desired. Just no 1/2 degrees as you mentioned.

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