Rotating and moving mesh with finger while drawing. And Preventing self intersections in a mesh

These two functions would be cool if they exist…

  1. Is it possible that holding a stylus pen(using draw brush or etc) on a mesh and rotating the mesh by using finger, so that a line can be drawn without moving the stylus?
    I mean, for example, i want to use it like peeling an apple(mesh) with holding knife(stylus pen) at one position.
    It would be more convenient while sculpting bc this is 3d.

  2. I hope to block the intersection between adjacent touched parts when i move or draw.
    In a one mesh, when i use the move brush to make very close parts like lips or folded eyelids, i want to block any intersections occur in the mesh. Is this possible?
    Bc Upper lip and bottom lip are separate but touch each other. Folded eyelids touch each other but are separated too. I couldnt do this even when i used masking and move tool.

I don’t know if these functions already exist in nomad sculpt. Or, Do these two functions exist in zbrush and blender?

  1. hmm… did you check the options in the pressure/stylus menu?
  2. connected topology at the bottom of stroke menu?

Hmm… i guess you didnt get what i said…

  1. Do you mean Gesture camera(finger and stylus / finger)
    and sculpt(finger and stylus / stylus) options?

What i meant was ‘moving camera(by finger) and sculpting(by stylus) at the same time’. But they dont work at the same time.

  1. I think It doesnt matter with connected topology. I’m adding a photo at this post.

Not possible.

I don’t know what “blocking” an intersection means

Sorry i’m not a native english speaker so maybe i used wrong term.
I hope there is a function that ‘prevent’ self intersection of a mesh. To make parts that are touching each other in a mesh but don’t intersect each other.(like lips, eyelids)

These two functions would be really cool:) !

Regarding question 1:
This is not possible. Only in Turntable mode is it possible to hold the pen in one position on the screen and sculpt - here the object rotates, like when making pottery !

To question 2:
There is no function to prevent (block) the objects from overlapping - e.g. two lips that touch each other and are made of different meshes.
Either you sculpt the lips from one mesh e.g. with the clay tool & crease tool (picture above) or you do it with two meshes that overlap (picture below).

  1. i know there is the turntable mode. But it is little different from what i said.:confused: And it is very limited and less free. Just using finger(moving) and stylus(sculpting) at the same time would be better

  2. Thats too sad😞. Nomad app is still super amazing tho.(one of best creating apps in Ipad and android)
    I think preventing a mesh from self overlapping is more natural and realistic. Especially in human muscle and skin.

Or Do these two features exist In other sculpting softwares like zbrush or blender?