Rolling with some AI

I don’t want to present this as a MUST HAVE NOW request, but maybe when the tech advances more….

For those who may have dabbled with some of Affinity’s products (Designer, Photo, Publisher), there is a fly-out feature that fetches stock photos from WITHIN the app:

Agree to PixaBay’s terms of service, add some keywords and voilá, a bunch of images to help start your project!

What if Nomad had something similar? This video piqued my interest……

Even after watching it, I didn’t expect anything close to perfection, but can it at least help generate a basemesh?

After applying for a free account, the web-based interface is fed your image. In a few minutes, it spits out a preview. Definitely rough-looking based on the single image supplied. The 4 guesses of different angles it generated also left a lot to be desired….

Up top, there’s a button to have their system refine the mesh. Again, for a free account, I was surprised it let me expend more resources. After some 2+ hours, the result was ready:

Like the preview, this refined version is rotatable directly on the webpage itself. I was even surprised AI pulled out some nose profile based off a flat 2D image

I know from playing around with many cheap photogrammetry scans, much of that “detail” is merely the UV texture map. Let’s download it as an OBJ and open it up in Nomad:

This is pretty much what I expected… which from a sculpting standpoint, might not be too shabby as a starting basemesh!

So perhaps in a few years, the ADD PRIMITIVES section of Nomad might see an A.I. Primitives?

:crossed_fingers: :wink: :crossed_fingers:

Let’s see if the forum software will let me upload the mesh….

mesh.obj (4.3 MB)

Applying textures is above my pay grade, so for those who want to play, this is what CSM AI supplied:

I have to disagree with this AI thing…

An artist should be able to create a base mesh from basic primitives…


I could not agree more. Please, no AI in Nomad. I have stopped using software that has these silly lazy integrations.


So no Adobe apps like Photoshop or Illustrator then?

Are you asking, if I use Ai in any software to take away the process of having the pleasure of creating something from scratch - no. I dont.

We need people who can inspire us. Not make us lazy.

Nothing in this world that we cherish, was created by someone that did not care about the process.

Laziness and Ai will kill true human creativity, if left in the hands of people who want the easy path.

BTW, I am not trying to convince you or anyone else. These are my thoughts.


Not only lazy but, generic.


There’s always procreate and other apps!

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