Easy alpha image manipulation - integrated editor

This app is awesome!
I just bought the app for android and it works fine.

I’d like to request the feature to add new alpha images with an basic image editor. If this is possible, we were able to make brushes as quick as possible. And finally stored in a folder of our choice for reuse.
It could be helpful and give more flexibility to be creative.
The editor could be very simple or with functions like lines, circle, or random pixel (-clusters) in grayscale.
What do you think about it?


Alphas can be very easily made and there’s a lot of options (free and paid) for apps to make them with. No point to make an alpha creating feature when so many apps already can do it and likely, would be able to do it better. I’d rather the devs time be spent on improving the sculpting.

Yes, that’s true.

Well a contrast curve and a threshold could come in handy though, as this is a lot of try & error with secondary app. Plus makes one alpha useable in different ways.

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Not a bad idea (like most feature request), but obviously outside of Nomad scope.

Could make sense but not planned.
I’m already dissatisfied with the fact that I need to scroll so much to access the end of the stroke panel option.
But I’m not sure that moving alpha settings in a popup window is a good idea either.

I’m with you, scrolling doesn’t make fun.
Maybe you can use radial buttons with an colored indication background and a number in the center. And with function like this… wipe over to change the value an tip on to get a prompt for input.
So it needs less space.
I have seen this already at several DAWs to control MIDI signals.